Specialized in Home Automation, IPTV, BMS, and Structured Cabling services

Home Automation: Home automation refers to the integration of smart technology and devices within a home to automate tasks and make living spaces more efficient, comfortable, and convenient. Home automation systems can include lighting, heating and cooling, security systems, and entertainment systems. Services related to home automation may include installation, programming, and maintenance of smart home devices and systems.


IPTV for Internet Protocol Television and refers to the delivery of television programming over the internet. IPTV services offer a range of channels, including traditional broadcast channels, video-on-demand, and interactive services. IPTV services may include the installation and setup of IPTV devices, programming and channel selection, and troubleshooting of technical issues.


BMS stands for Building Management System and refers to the integration of various building systems, including HVAC, lighting, security, and energy management, into a single centralized control system. BMS services may include the installation, configuration, and maintenance of BMS systems, as well as programming and customization to meet specific building needs.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling refers to the installation of a structured network of cables and connectivity components within a building to support various communication and data transmission systems, such as internet and telephone. Structured cabling services may include the installation, testing, and certification of network cabling systems, as well as maintenance and repair of existing cabling systems.

These services are critical for modern buildings and homes, and are often provided by specialized contractors who are trained and experienced in these fields. Proper installation, programming, and maintenance of these systems can help increase the efficiency, comfort, and security of living and working spaces